Monday, March 26, 2007

Round 2 of MM's Top Questions...

Its been a while since we posted the top questions asked of MM and Wes -- we thought folks might need an update.

How are you feeling?
We feel great - a little anxious, curious, nervous, excited, you know -- every emotion possible, but we have been very lucky in this pregnancy. No real flare ups, emotional breakdowns, or sickness. So, things have gone smoothly and made it such a joy to be pregnant.

How can you not find out the sex of the baby?
Easy. The doctor doesn't tell you. Its not that hard when neither one of us know what to look for on an ultrasound. We actually have really enjoyed not knowing what we are expecting - the excitement adds to the whole process. We have a neutral nursery that can be used for any other children we may have and love how it is turning out. We know this child will be showered with pink or blue after arrival, and will have no problem forming its own identity. *For the record, Wesley is confidant we are having a girl -- as for MM, she has no clue!! Her feelings change every day!*

Thought of any names?
Sure, we have thought of lots of names, just most of them haven't stuck. We are hoping to have a couple to choose from at the time of birth, so we are trying to prepare properly. We have a few narrowed down... thats all your getting. There is actually a good chance we could change our mind on those tomorrow as well.

So - as you can see, we are doing great and having a fun time. I can't believe its flying by so fast! MM officially started her 3rd trimester this past week. Can you believe it!?! Only 3 months to go - June doesn't seem that far away anymore!

Next appointment: April 3rd.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Its all fun and games 'til the crib won't fit through the door.

Yep -- you read it right, the assembled crib would not fit in the nursery doorway. It went a little something like this...

Mary-Margaret's Mom and Dad came to visit a few weeks ago (not just to see us, but to depart from Charleston on a cruise), and offered to help put our newly delivered crib together. Wesley and Dad worked Sunday morning to assemble it, and luckily it came together very easy with little to no hassle. How exciting! A real crib -- perfectly put together and ready for a new occupant. We watch as they men maneuver it up the stairs (no easy task) with ease. Then, that was it. Our good luck had come to a halt. The crib won't fit in the doorway?!? Really?!? Well - they try it every way possible... sideways, angled, reverse, you name it. Alas, we must disassemble it. We managed to weave it through the door with only one side off -- and then unlike Humpty Dumpty -- it could be put back together again! Thanks to Wes and Dad!

None the less, we have a crib! Simple, white, and ready for baby. Just as we wanted. Things are sure coming together smoothly. I hope it continues! Our bedding should be here this week as bits and pieces of the nursery are all fitting together nicely. June will be here before you know it!

Here is some documentation of the crib incident:

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Everybody in the Pool!

Hello again --

We had our 24 week appointment yesterday where they did some bloodwork and needed another ultrasound since the 20 week did not produce the best pictures of some of the organs. Well, as I told my Mom, let's hope we don't have this much trouble out of the child come their teenage years. Because, you know that little baby didn't cooperate again!! It was cute though, the baby was balled up in the "cannonball" position -and- had the hiccups!! Must be pretty cozy in there! Still, nothing alarming was showing up, so looks good! We go back in a month and will probably have another picture done then too!

Next appointment: April 3rd.