Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just captions.

Playtime in Sully's room!

downtown at the Farmers Market... Charlotte at her favorite bench.
Cruisin' in the grocery cart. Way too excited about everything around her to look at mommy.
Springtime Charlotte!

Hippity Hoppity!

Easter came and went super fast in the house this year... I think it kinda snuck up on us! Never the less, the Easter Bunny found us and treated the girls to a lovely day.

"Whoa! There's stuff inside the egg! Dance class clothes!!"
"Oh! I can't wait to gnaw this book to shreds -- I mean read it."
Surrounded by their loot.

Then! Off to the Annual Egg Fight! We worked hard on dying those eggs -- all to have them crushed by Bakers trying to win!

Who was victorious!?

Its about time!

Guess I should post some updates seeing how I have Easter photos to share and Easter is over and done! You'll enjoy either way, right?

We have had some fun times as Spring kicks off here in NC. Charlotte will be starting t-ball this weekend... Go Giants! Wes will be coaching the team! I'm excited to see which side of the family talent she gets... Wes's great baseball hand/eye coordination skills... or my amazing write-your-name-in-the dirt-and-finish-it-off-with-a-twirl skills. We'll see! She has already found a new love for the local minor league team -- the Crawdads! She and Sullivan are both members of the "Claw Club" this year so I see lots of nights at the ballpark in our future this summer!

We visited the Easter Bunny at a local egg hunt/easter party and Charlotte was thrilled to see him! Sullivan came along for the ride and even let out a chuckle when he hopped over to see her!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

silly girls.

Just being silly and girly over the weekend.

rockin' mommy's boots.

Paper dolls and pajamas

Love this!

One last time...

"One last time" the coach said. They all put their hands in the circle and cheered, "ggggooooooo heeeeeeelllllllsssss!" All the parents clapped as the little team accepted their trophies and celebrated their season with raisins and cookies. You could hear echoing on the field amongst the Daddies...

"And now on to T-ball!"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Securing a WIN!

Each year, MM's company competes in the Great Hickory Corporate Cup. Local companies compete in all sorts of sporting events (kickball, dodgeball, putt putt, bowling, musical chairs, rick paper scissors, scavenger hunt, etc...). In the past 3 years, The Jackson Group has won 2 times... and this year was no exception! Jackson Group Wins again! This year, we were lucky enough to allow family members on the team - Wes was ecstatic. This is right up Wes's alley -- and we were in need of a Disc Golfer. Not only did we look good in out matching team shirts - but we had the cutest red-headed cheerleaders out there.

Here are some pics from the competition... Wes is such a stud.