Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to Celebrate a Daddy's Birthday.

Step 1. Go to restaurant of Daddy's choice.

Step 2. Make a toast to the only man in your life. Cheers!

Step 3. Enjoy age appropriate drinks

Step 4. Seal it with a kiss!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Life's a garden... Dig It.

A vegetable garden! We planned and planted a garden this weekend and come to find out... Charlotte is quite the little gardener! The Easter Bunny brought Charlotte her very own garden tool set, so she was a big help! After she figured out that it was okay to get it all over you (probably because Mommy had it all over her) she went to town! She would put her shovel in the dirt and dig away... then put her hand in the potting soil and bring it wherever I needed it. We had so much fun -- now we just need the vegetables to grow! Oh - and Charlotte is also a big help with Mommy's indoor herb garden. She likes to check on the new sprouts every day.

The sign of a good day. Dirt all over.

Maybe he's not so bad...

Looks like Charlotte has to re-think her timidness around the easter Bunny. He sure did leave her a good stash Sunday morning! Charlotte has also been lucky enough to get some "packaged goodies" from relatives all over the US that were saved and added to the pile as well. Then we had our traditional "egg fight" with breakfast... and... MOMMY WINS!!! Yeah!! Its been a long time since Mommy has won an egg fight - but this year she was victorious! Last year Charlotte was not too happy about us hitting her eggs - but this year she got the hang of it!

Project Lawnmower

Wes had to re-build a lawnmower "carburetor" this weekend. I put it in " " because I don't even know how to spell it - more or less fix it. Wes did a great job... Charlotte and I never had a doubt he could do it. As you can see - Charlotte was a big help.

Yes - Charlotte is putting Hello Kitty stickers on Daddy's mower.

Success! Wes trying it out before re-attaching the hood.

Downtown Hickory Egg Crawl

We took part in the Downtown Hickory Egg Crawl on Saturday. Local businesses on the square had easter eggs to hand out filled with candy and coupons! It was a lot of fun and Charlotte really got the hang of picking out eggs! She got to meet the Easter Bunny whom she had seen from a distance and wanted to say hello to, as long as Daddy stayed between them.

"Hey - keep your distance, Mr. Bunny."

"I'll take one of these, two of these..."

Big Easter Fun

We had a fabulous - busy and productive - long Easter weekend. Just a few of our weekend activities included shopping, playing, family lunch, a thunderstorm party, yardwork, playing, planting a garden, an "Egg Crawl", a visit from the Easter Bunny, and of course... playing!

In the upcoming posts, enjoy a few of the pictures taken this fun weekend!

She Likes the Classics.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Its been a while since we did a "Favorite Things" post - so I thought I'd update you on what Charlotte is "into" these days.

- Loves her fruit and vegetables! She cleans her plate of brussel sprouts (yes!) and thinks fruit is a dessert!

- She is all about pretend. She likes to play with her pretend kitchen and food and sets up picnics for us all the time.

- She is very loving. She cares for her "babies" (dolls) and lays them on the pillow at night and must snuggle with at least one at bedtime.

- She must have a book read to her at bedtime. Current favs are "The Going to Bed Book", "Belly Button Book", "Olivia", and the "Legare the Lizard"

- She is quite the chatterbox. Constantly asking, "Ohh Mommy, whats that?"

- Charlotte is always moving... twirling, singing, dancing, playing, etc...

- her favorite game is telling someone she is gonna get them... she says, "I gonna getchu mommy" while making a claw shape with her hands. (we love this too)

- She still adores her doggy - and tells Fern to "c'mon doggy" all the time.

What a girl! She is so much fun -- I can't believe she'll be 2 soon!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Look out Jimmy Johnson!

It has been raining so much here lately - but we had one pretty day last Sunday! So, while Daddy worked in the yard, Charlotte and Mommy made their way to Lowes to get some plants for the front porch! Charlotte loves Lowes because she can ride in their "race car shopping carts"! They are regular shopping carts but with a kids race car on the front and a 48 on the side. Just like Lowes sponsored Nascar driver, Jimmy Johnson. I guess since we had not seen the sun for days, Charlotte wanted to take advantage of it and wear her sunglasses as much as possible. This is what a trip to Lowes with Charlotte looks like...