Sunday, February 21, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wow... that was a lot a snow!

Hello 2010!! In with a bang! I love snow - but wow! I know, I know... this is nothing for you Northerners who see this as "a few flurries." Well - it was a large amount of snow for me - and this is my blog - so I will call it "a lot of snow", aka 11 inches.

We had a mini snowstorm last week that brought the city to a screeching halt. Not just because of snow - but there was a lot of ice involved as well. So, schools were out, work was closed, and we were home bound. Charlotte likes the snow and thinks it looks neat, but (no thanks to us) she still doesn't have "real" snow clothes.

Snow clothes or not, she was bundled up and out the door to help daddy make a snowman. The snow was not "good packing snow" so the task of a snowman proved difficult. So - instead we get a snowman head.

We tried to teach her how to make snow angels

But - all she wanted to do was play with her daddy in the snow. Boy, does she love her daddy.

See how I found them after putting on some dry clothes? Worn out! One asleep and the other in a daze. Half eaten cupcake (our snow day treat) in hand and 101 Dalmatians on TV. The snow days weren't so bad, come to think of it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The 'Ol Stomping Grounds...

We took a quick trip to Charleston a couple weeks ago. We were attending a surprise party for our dear friend Jake, but also had a cookout in the old neighborhood and got to stay with Charlotte's godparents as well. It was a great visit - things are a bit different these days with all the kids running around! But, Charlotte had a blast, Wes got to play golf with some buddies, and we all loved seeing our 'ol stomping grounds!

cookout friday night... thanks James and Suzie!
charlotte and her older man, conley. see you at the beach conley!
sweet eliza.
charlotte and eliza eating a big girl lunch at rue de jean.
charlotte with her godmother, liz and eliza.
charlotte and our godson jack playing at the party after their date night at chic-fil-a.
birthday boy jake and robyn
ending the night with a story.