Monday, January 24, 2011

so cute I can hardly stand it.

Charlotte was invited to a birthday party for a dance class friend - and it was a fairy party! There is a new party location in downtown Hickory that will host your party with decor and activities to fit your theme. Its too cute. This was the Fairy theme... the girls arrived and were taken to "dress up" in full gear - dresses, jewelry, crowns! Then they got to have make-up put on, eat snacks/cake, make a craft, play a game, and paint their fingernails! Try not to get a sugar high from these sweeeet pictures!

the party table
so sweet
dress up
Charlotte was in HEAVEN!


Here are some of my favorite pics from recent days:

Enjoying the Checkers Hockey game on our anniversary
snow day attire, of course.
Sully on safari.
snow bum
get this off of meeeeeee!

like a real person!

Ha! I find myself saying that sometimes... "Sullivan is finally acting like a real person these days". You know, because she is like a robot now? No... of course she has always been a "real person" but now she is interacting with you - showing excitement - staying up longer amounts of time - etc.

She is such a happy baby and sure does love her big sister! Both girls had a little cough/cold around the first of the year, and thankfully had some time off due to snow to help remedy that even quicker. All are well now, but seeing Charlotte "take care" of Sulvy (as she calls her) and all of her baby dolls (which all happen to be named Sulvy as well) was just too much! I have quite the girly girl on my hands!

Sullivan is just about to roll over -- up on her side... then gets tired! She loves her playmat, standing up (with help, of course), eating and of course Charlotte. She is smiling and "talking" so much! Sometimes I don't hear a peep put of her in the mornings until she starts squealing and talking to herself... happy baby!

best bunnies in town.

Charlotte and her cousin Nick were the stars of the Christmas play at their daycare! The story of the "Lonely Fir Tree" was dramatically told by their teachers while we all sat on the edge of our seats waiting to hear the plot conclusion...

okay, maybe not, but ... it sure was cute.

I love how Nick and Charlotte are in different classes (Nick is 9 months older), but the teachers made them co-bunnies. They were great. Sang songs, wore costumes and even had a special part on stage! I was so proud! Charlotte had so much fun with it -- she was about to bust out of her skin with excitement during the entire performance. Too cute!

Bravo! Bravo!

Their big moment...

take a bow...

We waited all year long...

Sorry its been a while, but to summarize -- but I am going to cram all the holiday festivities in to one post. I feel like I am just now getting some time to breathe!

We seem to wait all year long for the holidays, and this year was no different. Well, actually, this year was better. Mainly because Charlotte was so excited and interested in the whole holiday experience this year. The whole week of Christmas was filled with fun, family, and SNOW! I cannot believe we had a white Christmas! Luckily, it didn't hamper too many of our plans - although it did take a while to melt!

Charlotte had the Christmas of games... puzzles, board games, and a handheld computer game were some big hitters. She loves to play them and we have had some pretty cut throat games of Candyland if I do say so myself. Sullivan had a good Christmas as well! Clothes, toys, and more clothes! She is really starting to hold things, almost roll over, jabber, and always wants to be in the middle of whatever is going on!

Here are some of the holiday highlights: