Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Señorita Sullivan!

Happy Birthday Sullivan!  
What better way to celebrate a First Birthday than the mexican restaurant?  Of course!  
Our special guest... Mexi (as Charlotte has named her) - forever to be displayed in Sully's room.
 "Now wait... I get to eat this??"
 "If Charlotte gives it to me - I'm sure its safe." 
 "YES!  It is good!"
"Reeealllllly good!"
 "Leave me alone woman... let me eat my cake!"
 The Big-Kids Cake

What a fun year its been -- watching you grow!  Fiery personality to say the least, the sweetest hugs ever, and big blue eyes that will melt you to pieces!  You follow your sister everywhere and can have full conversations with Fern, the dog.  Not a fan of potatoes - however you love pasta.  Especially with red sauce... just like Charlotte.  Grilled cheese sandwiches make you silly and ice cream is your favorite treat! You took your first steps the day your turned 11 months and haven't stopped since.  Peek-a-boo is your favorite game and snuggle time with mommy before bed is a must.  

We can't wait to watch you grow into the amazing little lady we all know you will be!  


A Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord...

Pardon the Charlotte's Web song reference... I can't help but think of it anytime I mention the Fair.  Which is exactly where we went!  To the Fair for a fun filled afternoon.  Now, I had not been to the fairgrounds in a loooong time.  Like high school long time.  I had several friends that played legion ball and I think that was the last time I was there!  No worries though -- it hadn't changed much.  Nor had the crowd in attendance... talk about "people watching"!  We did a pony ride, watched the pig races (!), and stocked up on the lemonade.  Then, as we were making our way to the rides, Charlotte spotted her best buddy from school, Daniel.  Daniel and his Mom, Dad, and sister were headed that way too.  Well, that was all it took... Lemonade, fair rides, and Daniel.  Charlotte was a happy girl the rest of the day.  Sullivan was a trooper in the stroller the whole time, but I think she'll be joining the "rides" as soon as she can!  I'm so glad Charlotte has the "roller coaster riding gene" from both me and daddy!  

pig races


How they walked all day... casually... right in front of me!  Come on Charlotte, give me a few more years!

Two of a Kind