Thursday, May 29, 2008

Go Team Daddy!!

Daddy plays in the City of Charleston Flag Football League and Charlotte has made the trip to the ball field a few times to see him recently! Luckily - Jack's Dad, Jake, plays on the team as well... so playtime with Jack is a plus!

Daddy is number 9!

Monday, May 19, 2008

fun weekend

on a hot day in Charleston!

eskimo kisses (through the glass) with Fern!

a very important call.

"Mommy... please don't interrupt my phone calls."



splashing so much Mommy couldn't get a clear shot!

Dancing with Daddy

Having fun at the Harborfest kickoff party. Bluegrass band!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Like Air Jordan...

Don't you love how she is so determined while crawling, she sticks her tongue out??

Monday, May 12, 2008

Yeah - it was about time!

The time had come to fully lower the crib! Thanks to Papa Tony for the help!



Happy Mothers Day!

My first of many! I had such a wonderful Mothers Day - and I hope all of you did too! Mine started Friday afternoon with a lovely Mothers Day Tea at Charlotte's school where we ate tea sandwiches, cake, and ambrosia! The kids had a sweet song to sing us (Charlotte just clapped along) and Charlotte made a cute picture/card for me. Saturday morning my (MM's) parents came just for the day to take us to lunch and visit for a bit. We had a great time as they took me to my favorite, Jacks Cosmic Dogs! Sunday Wes, Charlotte, and I had a great family day - out and about in between the storms. They treated me all day and really made for a memorable 1st Mothers Day!

lunch time at school...

I just wanted you to see the neat table Charlotte gets to sit at everyday for lunch. Its called "conference style" seating, and I have been told she gets so excited for lunch time she usually shakes the table back and forth while waiting for food! I went Friday for a "Mothers Day Tea" at her school, Chautauqua, and sat with her (not in the table of course).

Better late than never!

Well - Charlotte is crawling! She started last Thursday after months of "scooting" to get where she wanted to go. I got to school and her teachers basically said, "Watch this!". They put her on the floor and she crawled right over to me! It was overnight! She hasn't stopped since then. Its a whole new world, now instead of seeing something shiny she can get to it - touch it - and pull it off the shelf! Fun for her... stressful for mommy! Oh well -- I'm so excited, I really don't care! I'll try to post a video of it soon!

Saturday morning I was fixing her breakfast and I heard her moving closer to me from behind... then I hear a strange rattle noise... I look over and I guess crawling really does get you where you want to go!! Busted at the SNACK CART!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Just to brighten your day

bright eyes

playing at Suzies house

yes, I officially wear a hair bow now...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dessert before Dinner

Mommy surprised Charlotte with a trip to Baskin Robbins Wednesday after school for "31-Cent Scoop Night"! Lets not kid was just as much a treat for Mommy as it was for Charlotte! Charlotte loved her ice cream - and even flirted with the firefighters (this was a firefighters charity event) on site! It was a beautiful day so we sat outside -- and didn't mind that Charlotte was all sticky and smelled like vanilla for the rest of the night!

I love "big girl eating"!

Its really nice that Charlotte can feed herself (after you cut it up and put it on the table of course...) these days. She even sits in our room while we get ready in the mornings and drinks her bottle by herself. She loves getting in her seat, taking time to pick out just the right bite of food up and then taking it straight to the mouth! Being that one of her favorite things is applesauce, she still has to have Mommy and Daddy give that from the spoon... but its nice to be catered to every once and a while, isn't it??

playtime with Gramma

Charlotte had a visit from Wes's mom recently -- perfect timing to celebrate Daddy's birthday as well!