Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just being a girl.

Well, there's not too much going on right now. We are staying busy -- work, play, family time -- but its about to be non-stop!! Its the Holiday season and the Bakers are always on the go! We'll be in Hickory/Newton/Lenoir for Thanksgiving then we go to Alabama for an early Christmas celebration and back to Hky/Newton/Lenoir for Christmas week festivities.

Since we don't have too much new stuff to show off, I thought I'd give up an update of Charlotte's favorite things... we haven't done that in a while!

- Princesses. Ariel (The Little Mermaid) to be specific. She can name all the Disney princesses, but the red-headed "Nernaid" is her favorite!
- Dresses. The girl wants to wear a "pretty dress" (as she calls it) all the time!
- stickers and band-aids. She like band-aids with pictures and sticker books where she moves the stickers from one page to the next!
- Daddy.
- dancing/singing/music
- Daddy.
- Daddy.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy To You!

Its been quite the busy week... Pumpkins, Halloween, Time Change and Mommy's Birthday!

We picked out some pumpkins at the patch... well, we played in the pumpkin patch, then took some home. Charlotte was a little upset hen we had to leave. I mean, who wouldn't be? I field of pumpkins? She ran the whole time saying, "punkins! punkins! punkins! punkins!"

As you can see - Charlotte was "Lil' Miss Baker" for Halloween... and was a hit! I kinda have a feeling this may be the last year we as parents actually get to pick her costume, so I took advantage of the opportunity. She has a little sweet tooth - so Halloween is right up her alley! Friday, we came to trick or treat at The Jackson Group and then hit up the Candy Crawl in downtown Hickory. Such a great option for kids... plus it rained cats & dogs Saturday, so going out would not have been a good option!

Sunday was MM's birthday -- and instead of greeting me with "Happy Birthday" she said it in true Charlotte style... "Happy To You Mommy!"

We are lucky there have been no sleep adjustments with the time change... knock on wood. Charlotte doesn't really like being woken up these days, as she will let you know by putting her face in the pillow and saying, "No Mommy! No!". She'd much rather get up by her own free will! That's my girl!