Thursday, October 29, 2009

Soldier Down!

We survived our first "toddler catastrophe" this past week! We have been very lucky to not have to experience ER's, stitches, casts, major illness or anything like that...*knock on wood*, however, this past Friday, Charlotte shut her finger in a door at school. I (MM) missed a call from Charlotte's school while I was at work. The call said she was standing in line and somehow stuck her finger in the hinge side of the door where someone was entering. They said it looks pretty bad and the door shut completely, and Charlotte is pretty upset -- you need to call us back asap. I called back not 2 minutes later and the lady answered and said, "Um, yeah - I thought Charlotte was pretty upset, but we gave her a band aid and a sucker and she seems fine". Faker.

They suggested we bring over some Motrin anyway in case the pain came on stronger. So, we did and she survived the day. When I picked her up that afternoon, I walked in the room and she said, "Mommy mommy look!" as she held her heavily bandaged finger in the air. I said, "I heard about that... what happened?" Charlotte said, "C'mon Mommy... look" as she pulled me in the hallway to show me the scene of the incident. She pointed out the exact door where it happened and held her finger up to the hinge. I said, "We don't put our fingers in the door do we? That hurts!" She replied... "Charlotte funny!!". "No - no, Charlotte not funny" I had to say as I giggled on the inside.

So, things are fine now. The finger is healing nicely. It did look pretty gnarly there for a while. A little black and blue + pinched at the nail, but daily care has paid off! She has been great with it and loves helping with the "boo boo medicine". Here are a couple shots of the "bandaged wound". As you can see - she doesn't look too upset. Sorry for the poor quality - these are on my camera phone.

Stay tuned for new Fall/Halloween pictures!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

LRU Homecoming 2009

Its that time of year again... Homecoming! Its not just getting together with friends from college -- its a family reunion! Check out Sara's blog for the LR Family Tree. The newest branch on the LR tree is Elizabeth, Wes's cousin. Her dad and grandparents went to LR as well - so we had family coming at us from both sides this year! It was great to see everyone and to have all the out-of-towners in Hickory! I didn't take that many pics this year - but here are a few from the fabulous weekend!

Wes, Charlotte and Wes's mom Nancy, aka - Nana.

Charlotte checking out the parade

Hanging out with the campus bear

climbing trees with all her cousins

Charlotte and her babysitter Kyra, who was crowned Homecoming Queen! Way to go Kyra!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Girl is Good.

In case you can't tell what this is - its a daily progress report I get from Charlotte's school every afternoon I pick her up. It lists things like amount of nap time, what they had to eat, activities, needs, mood for the day, etc. As you can see - it also lists the amount and type of diaper changes. There are these little codes they use for the "type" of diaper or potty it is. D=Dry, W=Wet, BM=(you all know), T=Tried, P=Potty.

Take note of Charlottes...
P/D = went on the potty and had a dry pull-up!
P/D = again!
WTP = Wet pull-up, tried to potty
P/W = Went on the potty and had a wet diaper

She is getting there! She favors the "big potty" over her little plastic one. Hey, whatever works, right? She is doing so well!

Outta Bed You Bunny Head.

As I got ready for work the other morning, I never heard a sound from Charlotte - assuming she was still asleep. As I grabbed my phone off the charger and put it in my pocket, I walked in to her room. Much to my surprise - this is what I found! Thank goodness I had my phone (with camera) close by!

These are bunny ears she was given last Easter. They typically stay on her big stuffed bear - and he sits on the bookshelf next to her bed. So, I walk in the room, see her sitting pretty with the ears on, and almost fell over from laughing so hard. She began to laugh as well and said one of her famous catch phrases... "Charlotte funny!"