Monday, June 30, 2008

More "Party Day" pictures...

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

We had Charlotte's 12 month appointment on Friday. Here are her latest stats....

weight: 24 lbs 4 oz.
height: 30 1/2 inches

Both numbers are in the 90th percentile. Doc says everything looks great and that she is developmentally great as well! She loves saying "bye bye" and waving... also pointing! We got the go ahead to drop formula and go straight to cow's milk! Lucky for us, Charlotte has had no problem transitioning to regular milk and was able to quit the formula cold turkey!

We had a little birthday party Saturday with some of her friends and family. Cupcakes were a hit! Charlotte enjoyed her personal cake - very lady like, though, no smooshing it everywhere! She had a blast...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Holy cow...Charlotte is ONE today! I can't believe its been a year since the day my beautiful daughter was placed in my arms for the first time.

What a year it has been - laughs, tears, boo boos, uh-ohs, mama, dada, rolling, crawling, walking, standing, falling, climbing, and almost walking...but always with lots and lots of smiles. We have had so much fun!

(this morning with her birthday present!)

This morning Charlotte had her favorite breakfast, french toast bites and mandarin oranges and I think tonight will be one of her favorite meals... hot dogs, cheesy cauliflower, green beans, and mandarin oranges (again). She went to school today to celebrate with her friends and I will be taking mini cupcakes this afternoon for a little party. Mommy and Charlotte will be taking the day off tomorrow for some girl/birthday time, but also for her 12 month appointment! I'll update the stats after we get back!

This past weekend we celebrated her birthday with Mommy's Jackson side of the family -- the whole family! We had a family picnic at the Andrew Jackson state park, and had a mini celebration in the birthday girl's honor. Next week we will be heading to Sunset Beach with Daddy's family and having another celebration then!

This Saturday, we'll have some friends over to the house for some cupcakes and snacks. Atta girl... that's how you celebrate a birthday - stretch it out over a month!! I'll post some pictures and hopefully video from her upcoming celebrations in the next couple days... keep checking in!

Happy Birthday to our little pumpkin pie!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

its like looking in a mirror...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

doggie paddle...

Over Memorial Day weekend we visited Aunt Liz and Uncle Barton (Babar). We grilled out and went to the Daniel Island pool! Unfortunately, as we were leaving for the pool, the clouds started rolling in and making it a little colder. We decided to go anyway - although it wasn't for long. We got there just in time for "adult swim" so we got in with Charlotte and it took a bit, but she started to like it! She splashed us a few times and was already kicking her legs under water. I think it would have been nice to be a little hotter and have the pool actually be refreshing! I know there will be plenty of hot days here in Charleston for her to have a fun day at the pool!