Thursday, January 22, 2009

The First Snow.

This was a snow of many firsts! First snow of 2009, first of our time back in Hickory, Ferns first snow, and Charlotte's first! It was a big time in the Baker household! We had heard tales that the snow may be coming... but you never know these days. So, we waited and watched... and Monday night we saw the first flakes! We didn't know what would stick around until morning, so we took Charlotte outside to see it just in case. She saw the flakes in the streetlight beam and said, "Bubbles?" Close enough.

Then off to bed with the little one... but we stayed up to watch the snow fall like giddy little kids! We awoke to a beautiful scene!

We had a few inches... enough to cover the ground and trees - and give us the day off work! MM's office was closed and Wes worked from home, so we decided to play in the snow a bit, then hole up in the house, watch the Inauguration and veg out! What a great family day!

Charlotte didn't quite know what to think about it. She liked crunching her feet on the sidewalk after having walked in the snow... and she liked watching Fern romp around in it. But, I think she was concerned with her mix-matched outfit. Who wouldn't be? Sorry Charlotte! Mommy and Daddy haven't been back in "NC mode" long enough to purchase a "snow outfit"! But, we made it work! A fun day had by all!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Buffalo skin, stuffed Bobcats, and Stingrays... oh my!

This weekend Charlotte got to visit the Science Center for the first time! Our science center also has an aquarium and planetarium... lots of hands on stuff and all around fun! Upon arriving, we found out that the "Explore It!" section (for children around Charlotte's age) was shut down temporarily for renovations. Well, we were already there and after inquiring about how much she could actually touch (because heaven forbid we try to keep from touching all this cool stuff), they told us everything was hands on for all ages. We said we'd give it a try!

We touched all the animal fur in the "dead animal room". My term - not theirs. Where we touched buffalo skin, all sorts of rodents, and Charlotte stuck her hand in a dead alligators mouth. Yeah - on to the next room. Then we made our way to the space exploration, Charlotte liked driving the camera rig on Mars, and making a tornado on the moon.

Then we were off to the 'motion' room. Everything has these golf balls and pool table balls to put on ramps and throw all around. She ate it up! Loved it! She quickly figured out the correct holes to put the balls in to make them spin - and proceeded to do this about 8 billion times.

Then we made way to the aquarium and touch tanks... huge hit!!! Charlotte made friends with the swimming turtle -- even gave him a kiss through the glass. Then we went to pet some other smaller turtles... they were telling the truth - everything is hands on!

Charlotte loved putting her hands in the water and letting the animals come and brush up against her! Brave girl... Mommy was so proud! Then - off to the shark and stingray tank.

Charlotte charges up to the tank, asks me to roll up her sleeves (consists of grunting and pointing to her elbows), and sticks her hands, actually up to her elbows, in the water! Here come the animals! The stingrays would brush up against her and she would just gigggggggggle. She loved it. Now, when the shark brushed up to her - I was a bit nervous that she would freak out a bit, but she laughed just the same - no sweat! Mommy's little Jacques Cousteau!!

She made a new friend outside -- with matching hair color... and then it was time to leave.

This is what the ride home looked like. She hated to leave!

Friday, January 9, 2009

I got the feeevaaaa...

Well, I don't have the fever, but Charlotte did! She had a virus earlier this week causing Tuesday night to not be very much fun. For Charlotte or mommy. She had a little cough starting up this past weekend, getting more and more consistent each day finally peaking Tuesday night.

Wes was out of town for work and Charlotte had been a little mopey since picking her up from school. I could tell she didn't feel well. So we had snack and watched some Noggin. She didn't want much dinner, so she had a bath and I put to down to bed. She finally got comfortable and had quit coughing a bit, so I went in to check on her. I heard a slight whisper coming from her crib... as I got closer to her I heard her saying (in her sleep)

"doggie...doggie...doggie..." followed by a little giggle.

I thought - yep, she has a fever. About and hour or so later, the coughing started up again and she couldn't get back to sleep, so I went in to get her so she could sit upright in the chair and rock. She was awake when I went in to get her, and as I reached to pick her up, I said,

"Hey baby... come here".

Charlotte responded with, "Hey doggie" and patted me on the head.


We rocked all night long and actually went to the doctor to be safe the next morning. It was just a virus going around. Just gotta ride it out. She is feeling much better now, and has been sleeping just fine. Maybe she just needed some "Charlotte/doggie time".

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bring on 2009!

Happy New Year! After a busy, but nice, holiday season in 08 - we are quite ready for the New Year! 2009... I can't believe it! We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary, Charlotte will turn 2 this year, and MM will turn 30! We are happy to have our health, loving families, great friends, beautiful daughter, sweet doggie, and each other... what a life we will have in 2009!

Here are some pictures from our recent visit to Wilmington, NC for our final Christmas celebration of the season. We were there visiting with Wes's sister, Ashley!

finding "Elmo" with Mum and Daddy

Playing with Aunt Ash

Rockin' her new Hurricane's jersey from Ashley and Captain Mat!