Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What in the world have we been doing?!

Time slips away from the Baker family these days! Charlotte is on the go - Wes is on the go - and Mary-Margaret is READY to go! We thought summer was our busy time? Well - looks like Fall will be a doozy! Charlotte starts dance again in two weeks. She is so excited. What a great time she had last year, I cant wait to see her back at it again! Fall means football and Wes and MM are both in fantasy leagues -- wish us luck! Wes has been steady busy with work and it only looks to be getting busier! Busy is good -- so we will take it. MM is busy with work too and in her spare time, is battling constant nesting. Because, oh. Yeah. We are having a baby in two weeks!! The baby clothes have been washed (just not put away), the nursery is functional (just not decorated), and the baby is no longer breech (just not giving relief since it already dropped)! Whoa... I just had a minor panic attack thinking of the things I want to get done before d-day. Oh well, a baby is worth is all - room decor or not.

Yes -- you read it right, the baby is no longer breech! Little did I know, the baby flipped before my most recent appointment and since I go once a week, the exam confirmed it! I have a c-section scheduled, so its no big deal for if it had stayed flipped, but the docs hoped the baby would turn for my comfort, if anything. Well, as she told me that the baby was in correct position, she noted that unfortunately, I would not get much relief since the baby has dropped and is read to go! Oh well! I can do anything for 2 weeks, right?

We recently went to a LRU alumni day at Discovery Place - super fun! We had a blast! Enjoy some pics -- as well as photos of what else has been going on.

A big fan of the "Fresh Beat Band"
Super Alex and Nick
Pull Charlotte!!
little architect
to the top with a little help from Daddy

getting ready for baby #2!
What Wes spends his days doing...

Hold on tight! Looks like we are in for some big times! We can't wait!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Silly Monkey.

Saturday we went to visit MM's grandmother (Mama J) in Concord with Magi, Poppo, Alan, and the boys. What a nice, fun-filled, tiring day it turned out to be! We met that morning and made way to Concord. Once in Mama J's condo, the kids had a blast playing hide n go seek and looking at all the baby pictures on the walls. Then it was of to Gary's BBQ for a yummy Kannapolis lunch. BBQ, hot dogs, fries, slaw, hush puppies -- and topped it off with banana pudding!!! We caught word of our cousin Dana coming in to town for an overnight visit - and was arriving by train shortly after lunch! So - off we went to the train station to meet Uncle Steve and Aunt Verna. The kids had a blast playing with the whistles and jr. conductor hats Amtrak gave them while waiting. Then the train came! There was Dana and her daughter Hanna! Talk about family reunion! We visited for a while then all went our separate ways...

Charlotte was already exhausted by then - but we had more in store! After driving around Kannapolis to see the updated area and Poppo's old high school, we dropped Mama J off and we were heading to Monkey Joes!! Monkey Joes is a fabulous kids "center" full of inflatable slides and bouncy things! They have parent areas you can sit and watch or an arcade for the bigger kids as well. What a blast! I was worried Charlotte wouldn't be able to go down some of the slides (b/c she couldn't climb to the top) but she had the help of her trusty cousins Nick and Alex! After they showed her how to do it once, she mastered it! You couldn't stop her... she went up (and down) every item in there! I highly recommend Monkey Joes for a fun-filled, easy to do, tire the kids out afternoon! Here are a few pics from the day!