Monday, June 27, 2011

Tap tap tappin'!

It was that time of year again... dance recital! Charlotte absolutely loves dance. She likes the music, the twirling, the costumes... pretty much everything about it. This being her second year in dance she wasn't the youngest in her class or the "least experienced". So - recital time was very exciting to talk about, because she knew what was in store. The costumes were super cute and despite all the "mommy stress" that goes in to recital time, Charlotte knew nothing of it and enjoyed every single second. I could really tell how she had grown up since last year with how she handled herself back stage. She was showing ME where to go! She has also made some really good friends through dance. A few girls that have been together these past two years. Even though none of them will go to the same school come kindergarden, they don't seem to care!

Recital night was a hit! The girls did great and Charlotte was a star. Wearing make-up was probably the highlight... but what a great time she has on stage!

Tap costume (dancing to "Hey Baby")

Jazz costume (dancing to "Alvin Rocks")

Ballet number (dancing to "Sweet Dreams")

killing time before the next number - ring around the rosie, of course.

She's a Star!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

30 Seconds of Silly

All this took was about 30 seconds -- I just kept snapping as the girls looked at the camera on my phone. This is common silly-ness around our house!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


What a refreshing trip we had to the beach. Just the four of us - Memorial Day weekend - perfect weather... ahhh. We decided at the last minute to hit the road the night before we had originally planned. Because, hey, why not? So, we made our way to North Myrtle starting about 8pm. Made for a long night - but we basically had another whole day at the beach! So worth it. The girls slept most the way and were raring to go in the morning! We played in the sand, dabbled in the ocean, and swam in the pool day in and day out! A full 3 days was amazing.

Charlotte is quite the little water-bug. "I wanna go to the poooool..." was heard at least 67 times a day. This year was no swimmies - only the inflated princess ring. She was all over that pool! Sullivan liked the beach for the sand - to play and eat - and liked the pool for strolling along. She got a little swim boat that she sits in and wades around. Perfect! I see lots of water in our future.

Charlotte made lots of friends at the condo too. One day Charlotte and Sullivan and I were coming up from the pool and in the elevator a family of three sees us and said, "Oh, hi Charlotte!". Well, I had never met them - but Charlotte apparently had. Never figured that one out. Each day at the pool was the "regular crowd" so everyone looked after each others... it was super nice. We had to take turns being in the water - cause as soon as Sully got out of the pool she would promptly fall asleep on your chest. The sun just zapped her. Too cute.

We took plenty of pics to document Sullivan's first trip to the beach. And of course we had to snap lots of pics of that ear to ear smile Charlotte had permanently glued to her face. Here's just a few...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The not so little Giants!

T-Ball season is in "full swing" and Charlotte is having a "ball"! Daddy is coaching and cousin Nick is on the team too! Wes has done an amazing job with the kids and they all seem to be having a good time and learning a lot! Not to mention the parents - who, of course, love Coach Wes too. There is no score keeping in this age division - and every one gets to hit and run - but if there was scoring, I like to think we would run away with it! Especially with some of these powerhouse hitters we have on the team! Sure makes for some nice Saturday mornings with the family!