Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby's First Business Meeting.

MM needed to attend a meeting at work, and Wes was out of town - so Sullivan joined us! She was great -- not a peep. We were hoping for some input on the meeting from her, but she chose to nap instead.

Smiles all around!

Now, THIS is a real smile! they are slowly but surely coming more often. Thank goodness... I needed to see a smile before heading back to work!

Her Civic Duty

Charlotte took part in her first voting! We went to vote early and Charlotte and Sullivan went along. The sign said no phone use in the voting area - but how could I resist! Memories, people!

Charlotte even pushed the "submit ballot" button for me!

ps. yes, she wore her crown to vote. the candidates outside were so confused to see the queen walking up.


Back again with our favorite tie of the year! Halloween!!! Well - its Mommys favorite, but I think I am getting Charlotte hooked as well! This year was a family effort in dressing up as The Care Bears! A childhood favorite of Wes and MM's - and now they are back and Charlotte likes them too! We mentioned a Care Bear for Halloween and it was over from there. Charlotte was pumped and knew she wanted to be "Tenderheart". It all just fell in to place after that - MM was Bedtime Bear (what new mom doesn't want more bed time?), Wes was Lucky Bear due to some heritage, and Sullivan was Cheer Bear - because it fit her perfectly (and I already had a pink outfit for her)!

We attended the annual Halloween bash at The Jackson Group - something we participate in every year. As well as went trick or treating at the Downtown Candy Crawl... a perfect idea for little ones! Magi and Poppo represented TJG at the candy crawl and had quite the crowd! We topped it off with dinner at Village Inn (the pizza place as Charlotte calls it) with Alan, Suzanne, and the boys. Perfect!

Once again -- costumes homemade with love. I don't mind doing it... its so much fun and makes for excellent memories!

Also - the night before, we went to the club for their Boo-fett and hayride! Charlottes first hay ride and it was a night time one! She loved it! In her words... "I saw ghostesses but no wolfies".
Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun!

What a fun fall weekend we had! There was tailgating for the LRU v. Tusculum game (Bears win!) with the Gates family... a drive to Asheville on Sunday morning to see the leaves... and the pumpkin patch! Happy family!

Charlotte and the LRU Cheer and Dance team (sporting pink for Breast Cancer Awareness)

Go Bears!

Off to the Pumpkin Patch!

Scarecrow Love.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

No time to for clever stories...

Still pretty new to this whole "two kids thing"! No time for a "wordy" post this week... enjoy some pics!


Not a real smile yet... just good camera timing!

Charlotte and her friend Collin! *as previously mentioned, she is ALWAYS in princess wear!*

On the soccer field at LRU - playing before the Homecoming fireworks show.

Homecoming attire... Go Bears!

Monday, October 11, 2010

just another day in the castle.

Charlotte has a fabulous princess dress up kit that LaLa and Doc gave her one Christmas... boy, was that money well spent on their part. They would be happy to know pretty much everyday after she gets home from school (and all day on the weekends) she asks to put on her "princess dress". EVERY DAY. We always let her -- cause its just too darn cute! I think we will have to be on the look out for an updated version soon... some of her majesty's tops are getting a little snug!