Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tuck and Roll

The upcoming baby had an appointment today! All is well and appears to be doing great at 17 weeks and counting! The heartbeat came in at 140 and that baby was all over the place! The doctor would have the little heart monitor on one side of the tummy and hear the quick "thump thump thump..." then SWOOSH! Then she would have to move to the complete other side of the tummy to find the heartbeat again. She'd find it then... SWOOSH! Back to the other side. Baby did not want to be messed with! Or... maybe he/she likes to play and was already tumbling back and forth?!

Next appointment is April 13 for the BIG ultrasound. The 45 minute one. The one where most people find out the sex of the baby. Most people, I said. We are not most people. So, we will use this ultrasound to let the doctor check out all the anatomy and parts and pieces.

I am really liking all of my doctors so far. There are 4 in the practice who deliver babies and I will meet them all. Which is new and different for me since Dr. Dennis in Charleston was a one man show. But - all the same, I am happy there and like the personality of them all.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Outside... finally!!!

Finally! Some good outdoors-y time! We went on a walk, sat in the grass, smelled the flowers and made bird feeders this past Saturday... until it turned chilly again on Sunday. !?!!??

Friday, March 19, 2010

Baby update!

Things are going great for the baby thats still in the belly! I go back on March 31st for the next appointment... For now I take no news as good news!

I am currently 15+ weeks and at my last appointment the baby sounded great! Sweet little heartbeat of 148! No, we are not finding out the sex again... it was too much fun the first time not knowing, we want to do it again!

I'll update as I can about the newest addition. One thing I do know... I am super happy to be back in my maternity pants again. c-o-m-f-y!

kid goggles

Mommy view by Charlottephoto by Alex - Charlottes older and very talented cousin!


Bring on the playground weather!


Sorry folks! Looks like I fell off the wagon for a bit on the regular updates. My bad. So - I will play catch up on a few things...

We recently went to the circus - it was a Valentines treat for Charlotte! And what a treat it was! We were able to go to the "animal meet and greet" before the show. Right up close with all the animals used during the show! I think Charlottes fav was were the elephants.

Then - it was off to the 3-Ring Pre Show. We actually got to go on the floor and interact with the performers and get autographs. One of the neatest parts was the "wardrobe closet". They had actual Circus outfits and the kids could try them on!

Then it was time for the Big Show! Charlotte loved the dancing girls, funny clowns, tigers, and the trampoline jumping men! They did such a wonderful production and I am thrilled that Charlotte was able to experience it! She brought home a souvenir stuffed elephant and icee cup and continues to ask when we go back to the circus!