Thursday, July 29, 2010

playing catch up

Seems like I am always playing catch up these days. Truth be told, I am moving a good bit slower, so catching up to me is really not that hard. Me catching up to anything else proves to be a challenge. More on that in a minute...

Things have been nice and routine for the Bakers lately. Work, school, and play! Work for mommy and daddy - school and play for Charlotte! Charlotte went recently with daddy to play disc golf - she loves anything with daddy. As you can see - on the disc golf course, no one cares what you are wearing and sometimes the sillier the better.

Charlotte also gone to some summer birthday parties

But, mostly, mommy tries to stay cool in the air conditioning. I'm 34 weeks pregnant and the baby is still breech and still being a pain... not a kid that's a pain - just causing me pain! Its not the best feeling... however, i am sadly getting used to it. The doc has been monitoring me quietly to make sure I am staying healthy - as I have been steady losing weight each visit. The baby is measuring perfect and on target - but my appetite is just not up to par. No one is concerned, but I wish the baby would listen to mommy already! "FLIP!!!"

Once a week visits after my appt this coming week. Tick tock tick tock... getting closer!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I cannot believe I am 32 weeks pregnant. That means: we are on the final countdown. That means: I need to do some baby laundry. That means: this is really happening. That means: we will soon be a party of 4. That means: we need to think about names. Hmm... they told me the 2nd would fly by, and they were right!

Everything is going well - feeling good! Getting a little hot, but who isn't? I am going to the doc every two weeks and only have one more of those appointments to go before I start going once a week. This past visit I learned that the baby is breech! Little rascal is already trying to be different! I had been having some uncomfortable mornings (after being kicked all night) and evenings (after being on the go all day) and asked the doc about it. She said I appeared to be carrying a little low and then felt around and determined the baby is upside down! Not a concern right now - there is plenty of time for the baby to flip itself around. Let's just hope its sooner than later -- so I can have some relief! I had actually lost 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks and normally she (doc) wouldn't like this, but she said it can be common when carrying breech.

The heartbeat was 133 (lowest its been). Doc said the baby is coming into its own and now the blood is pumping through more "meat"! Sounded strong and was moving the whole time. Glucose test was great - iron has been a little low, but not too low to be concerned. Everything is measuring on target and doc is happy with everything! We are getting so excited - especially after finally completing our travels for the summer so we can be home and prepare.

I'll let you know if and when the baby decides to "straighten up"!

Beach Bummin'

Off to the beach we went... For a much needed visit to the coast with some sand between our toes - salt in our hair - and some color on our cheeks! It had been long overdue for some get-away time and we were excited! Especially Charlotte! She wanted to "go to the beach" "get her hair wet" "swim in the water" and "make a sandcastle"... in that order! And all of those things were done. She has developed quite the fins... she loves the water. She would be back and forth all day long to the water and back with her bucket to fill up the moat (in one of daddy's fine castles) or cool off our feet with a splash. She liked the waves, especially from daddy's shoulders, and adores the swimming pool! She didn't want to be held in the pool - only her floaty - and she was so proud of herself for getting across the pool by herself! *kick kick kick* We also went to the Myrtle Beach Pelicans game to celebrate the 4th of July -- and the fireworks were great. We played, we napped, we laughed, we watched movies, we had a wonderful time!! Here are just a few of the fun shots from the week.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Things Come in 3's.

She's 3! I can't believe it! Charlotte has been really into the beach, pool, and of course, mermaids. So, what else is should the party theme be... WATER! Seeing how when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday - all she ever said was " a new swimsuit".. how could we go wrong?! So, several friends and their parents came over to have some water play, snacks, pizza, and cookie cake! It was sunny and hot and the water was cool! She had cousins, family friends, classmates, and dance class friends all attend... Charlotte is one lucky girl (and we are lucky to have such great family and friends).

Enjoy some of the happy pics and Happy Birthday to our favorite red-head!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

flowers on the beach

Wes's sister Ashley recently got married on Sunset Beach (NC) and we were all included in the wedding! What an honor! Wes was the "Man of Honor" and walked Ashley down the aisle as well. MM was a bridesmaid and Charlotte was the flower girl... and what a great job she did! She must have gotten it from Mommy who is close to holding the record for being in the most weddings. Anywho... she is a natural! She l-o-v-e-d the dress more than life itself! I tell ya, it wasn't easy either... walking on the sand and being pretty hot is tough in formal wear! Here are some shots from Ashley and Perry's big day. We are so happy to have been involved!