Thursday, August 4, 2011

And Part 2 & 3... party day!

After what was already an awesome birthday at the Zoo, came the parties! We had a princess tea party at Madison Tate's in downtown Hickory, the perfect girly-party spot! There is dress up, craft time, make up, hair glitter, nail painting, snacks/cake, balloons and glitter galore! Words don't even describe how cool it was. We had an "all-girls" party, so all the female family members (in town) could come and some of her school and dance class friends as well! We didn't tell Charlotte until a few hours before the party - with good reason -- she didn't stop asking if it was time to go for those hours! Check out these princesses and their kingdom for the day!

As if that wasn't enough... if you have an all-girls party, you have to have a boys party too! So, we took a quick break at home after the princess tea and geared up for round 2. Dinner with the whole family at Charlottes favorite... Village Inn Pizza Parlor! Always nice to top off the day with a pizza buffet!

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