Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sully and Sleepovers

Thought I should do a little update on Sullivan in the format like I used to do for Charlotte... "What's Sullivan Up To"?

Sullivan loves:
- Charlotte
- Fern
- her tupperware container full of uncooked pasta
- pulling up on things
- splashing in the bath
- food.
- being in the middle of everything

She is a super fast crawler and while she is not walking yet, she is close. She pulls up on anything and everything and will walk along that object. She has a sweet giggle that usually comes out most for Charlotte. She will follow her sister anywhere and is a pretty good listener when told "no". She points at things a lot and is extremely curious. She has 4 teeth and is eating a lot of table food. She likes things that are tomato-based the best (spaghetti, lasagna, etc). She is almost 11 months old and I think she will be so happy to be a year old! Front facing, whole milk, and no bottles! We call her Cricket - 'cause if you are remotely close to her she likes to rub on you constantly. Like a little crickets legs. Oh, sweet Sully... you make us smile!

Also - just 'cause its super cute... here are some fun pics from when Magi and Poppo invited Charlotte over for a sleep over with the boy cousins (Alex and Nicholas were staying there while their parents had plans). So, instead of just a sleep over, why not go to Monkey Joe's too! Yay! Thanks Magi and Poppo! Charlotte had so much fun being part of the "big kids"!

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